"As always, I trust myself more now... I have a renewed sense of worth as well. Hearing people tell me that I deserve to succeed and have opportunities reminded me that I do deserve that and that I can succeed!"


-Sofia Mains
(2020/2021 Participant)

"Eye-opening, emotional, freeing outlet. I’ve said a few times how stressful school has been for the past few weeks and this intensive has been so enlightening and wonderful. I’ve been able to use the opposite side of my brain and make music and watch others make music which is the most freeing feeling I know."

-Fiona O'Connell
(2020/2021 Participant)


"My experience was filled with so much love & support. I've never been a part of anything more genuine. There's no competition or pressure to be perfect. Everyone just wants you to succeed and it really shows!"

- Allisun Blum
(2021/2021 Participant)